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2016 Program


Theatre Restaurant - Murder at the Music Hall - By Mary McMahon

21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th of October

Theatre Restaurant

A night out at an old time Music Hall is interrupted when an audience member drops dead! Luckily there's a doctor in the house.

When the authorities arrive to investigate, the hapless victim and his poor put-upon girlfriend relive the last 24 hours as the detectives, suspects and even the audience try to discover who committed Murder at the Music Hall!

Cast & Crew
Murder Mystery Cast

James (Victim) ------------------------

Sandra (Girlfriend) --------------------

Doctor ---------------------------------

Inspector ------------------------------

Constable ------------------------------

Waitress -------------------------------

Dancer (Ex-Girlfriend) ----------------

Moya (Lady being blackmailed) ------

Music Hall Cast

Big Lil (Proprietor) --------------------

Chairman ------------------------------

Thugs ----------------------------------

Performers ----------------------------


Backstage -----------------------------


Sound & Lighting ----------------------


Owen Gray

Nikki Robertson

Neil Bidgood

Colin Monaghan

Ken Gray

Kristy Walker and Kate Bidgood

Petrina Stiller

Gayle Guymer

Carrisa Carter

Sharon Cruickshank

Brad Martin

Robyn Hartley

Tonita Taylor

Carrisa Carter

Petrina Stiller

Anita Thomson

John Keam

Anne Keam

Jamie Kerwick

Bill Oram

Joe Swalling

MAID 2 Sing Community Choir

Bruce Mellor

Brian Wright

Jayson Jennings

Emily Beutel

Janice Creedon

Tonita Taylor (Coordinator)

Ken Gray (Coordinator)

Caleb Kuhl

Sam Keam

Travis Hahn

A Night at the Village Radio Play - The Inheritance - By Graeme Dixon

Radio Play

An idealistic lawyer's morals are challenged when he inherits a share in his father's company. Will he hold to his principles or will he give in to family, loyalty and corporate greed?


 ------------------ Owen Gray

 ------------------ Amy Bevan

 ------------------ Kerry Mulholland

 ------------------ Sally Presnell

 ------------------ Ross Tutin

Narrator ------------------ Ted Gibbons

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